Bringing chestnut back...


Our favorite bags this spring are the bright chestnut leather satchels. There old school, clean cut, classic, and very functional. The bright color leather makes the bag very versatile and the western look (specifically the Ralph Lauren and Ferragamo bags) make it very chic and high fashion. Bags are one of the only things chi chi recommends splurging on. If your going to save your money for something...spend it on a great bag that you will use for years. Happy Spring!

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ralph Lauren

Salvatore Ferragamo

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Who would have ever thought that backpacks would come back into style...Splendid did! This new nautical stripped canvas backpack is practical, comfortable, and perfect for summer trips to the beach. Selling at $128, this is quite the buy. So for all those people who hate carrying around is the perfect solution!

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wonders of color


the spanish made brand Zara has taken the spring by storm with its latest collection. as an affordable yet trendy line, Zara is in our minds challenging like fashion houses such as H&M. we journeyed to Zara yesterday and were shocked by the bright and clean cut edges of the apparel. we are the least bit hesitant in saying that Zara's contemporary and sophisticated reputation has not only been upheld, but surpassed in its spring 2011 line. enjoy.

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True Beauty...


Not only is Reese Witherspoon absolutely stunning...but she is a loving mother, wife (newlywed), and a talented actress. Reese seems to have mastered everything in life and does it with grace, elegance, and poise. No wonder Vogue wants her on their cover for their May issue...all the power to you Reese!


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Lilly fever...


Growing up in one of the preppiest places on earth...chi chi cannot help but love THE queen of preppy's new spring line. Lilly Pulitzer defines the words "pink" and "peppy" to a tee and really knocked this spring line out of the park. How come we can't have EVERYTHING in this springs lookbook?

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Jet Setting...


Spring if finally here...which means weekend trips are just around the corner. The hardest thing to pack for are weekend excursions, which is why chi chi took the time to give you a lesson on what to pack and how to pack it. It will come in handy no matter who your trying to grab that suitcase and lets get packing!


For a basic weekend getaway don't bother with more then two pairs of shoes, a bathing suit, white jeans, day outfit, travel shirt, and dinner dress.

Outfit #1:

7 For All Mankind

C&C California


Outfit #2:


Trina Turk

Outfit #3:

Rebecca Taylor

Sam Edelman

Outfit #4:


Citizens of Humanity

Outfit #5:


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Enjoy the warm weather!

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