craving sandals?


have you been tempted to break out your springy sandals? we know that we sure have. after taking our three week break from blogging, and enjoying our time on the beach...we have been keeping tabs on the most popular or trend setting sandals for the spring. everything from high to low, we have covered...

the sky high espadrille is most deffinitely easy to find this spring. if you are one to spend your day wearing the ankle length dress or simply prefer to walk around in heels these are some cute spring '11 styles…

bottega veneta

chie mihara

for those not so heel savvy but still want to cute look by gaining a few inches, look to the platform wedge...the front is just as high as the back, making you feel like your walking in a regular shoe…

robert clergerie

via spiga
for everyday wear the classic flat sandal has taken many forms over the past few years. gladiators being the most widespread and our can never have too many pairs to wear with everything from your short shorts, to the evening maxi dress…

house of harlow


pour la victoire

in the name of Fashion,

chi chi bella

Oh so Couture...


Even though John Galliano is said to have entered rehab...the Dior company (which owns 92 percent of Galliano's label) is backing up his fashion line and supporting as well as running his show which ran smoothly and gracefully yesterday. Who ever said that the fashion industry was a shark tank? Well Dior proves that not EVERYONE is out for blood. The Galliano show not only showed beautiful and tasteful pieces of art...but also showed off its super creative runway. The runway had a "french couture" theme, with pieces of artwork and french chateau styled looked as if the real housewives of ParĂ­s were strutting down through their country estates. Oh the life of Fashion!

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

a journey through the trunks


beginning in 1854, Louis Vuitton created his first legendary trunk, constructed of grey trianon canvas. each year since, his reputation for the most iconic trunk collections, has developed in to a piece of history. Vuitton's trunks range in size, color, and pattern, and are now considered vintage pieces. however, he continues to reappear with the "trunk" in the form of speciality cases from traveling hair salons to beds. here is a look at the journey of the Louis Vuitton trunks…

one of the first

malle chaussures
pierre de brazza

Hemingway trunk

john nollet trunk

FIFA trophy case

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

louis vuitton archives

Street Fashion at its finest...


It is inevitable that every girl is going to find herself swooning over the fashion and the clothing of a magazine ad or a runway show. But what some girls fail to realize is that fashion is more then what trends come off the runway...Fashion at its finest is closer then it appears. Street fashion, the true style of real people around us is what chi chi finds breathtaking and inspiring. Yes, we do get a lot of our looks and ideas from magazines and newspapers...but we get our LOVE for fashion from the influence of the people we see on the streets everyday. So whoever said..."everyday is fashion show" is pretty damn right. '

Anna Wintour

Anna Dello Russo

Christine Strinieni

Eleonora Carisi

Kelly Framel

Viviana Volpicella

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella
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