Madewell Holiday Lust


Pardon my lengthy absence. In transitioning from school to school, job to job, crisis to crisis, chi chi bella took a back seat - but my creative juices never stopped flowing. In light of the upcoming holiday season, aka my favorite time of the year, I figured I would share with you some of Madewell's items of perfection. To get in the holiday spirit what better to do than shop? Which is why I have spent copious amounts of time pouring over the Madewell website to find those few items that must make an appearance in my winter wardrobe. First stop the shimmer dress...

shimmer t-shirt dress (also available in blue)

curator coat

gamine sweater

funnelneck sweater

shimmer skirt

ex-boyfriend flannel shirt

the gold shine teddy loafer

the pull-on shearling boot

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

my new love


today I did a little splurging as I purchased my first (and only) lustworthy spring item. while I will be working through the summer to pay off my indulgence, it is well worth it. alice + olivia's box pleat leather skirt in sky blue, now holds a very special place in my closet. it is one of those items that you just need to throw on in every moment. whether it be a jaunt down newbury street to grab a coffee, or a formal dinner out to celebrate a birthday, this is the skirt that can be dressed up or down. in order to convince myself that it was a good purchase, i have created two looks - one casual and one formal. using some pieces that I already own, and some that I wish I could add to my repertoire, I hope to inspire others that might be trying to make use of a new addition to their closet. take a look and let me know what you think. better yet, give me ideas on what you might do with my new fabulous blue skirt...

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

on location: Paris


yesterday culminates the best week of the year: Paris Fashion Week. this year, chi chi bella was very luck to have the extremely talented photographer, a fellow fashionista, tory macdonald on location in Paris. as she waited for hours outside of several couture shows, tory captured the stunning sights of designers, models, editors, and international trend-setters. you can go to almost any style website or purchase hundreds of fashion magazines to see the latest runway trends, but it is all the more exciting to see what goes on outside of the shows. chi chi bella has chosen an array of awe-insprining images taken directly on the scene of the hottest week in fashion. see for yourself, and admire the beauty documented by miss macdonald. enjoy...

the fabulous nina garcia

editorial model coco rocha

japan vogue editor anna dello russo accompanied by a furry friend


yes, you see it all

the fabulous grace coddington of vogue
finally - the queen herself, Ms. Anna Wintour

don't worry we will keep them coming...

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

all images courtesy of Tory MacDonald

the pale embrace


I am sure all of you watched the Oscars last night, and since then have read hundreds of posts and articles titled "best dressed" or "what were they thinking". This post is dedicated to all of my fellow delicately fair-skinned ladies, who think they could never pull off a pale toned ensemble. Well, apparently we have been proven wrong. After watching the handful of elegant woman adorned in pale purples, pinks, and blues, it is clear that even the fairest of us all can avoid being swallowed by light colors. From Amy Adams, to Anne Hathaway, these women stunned in shades rarely seen on the red carpet. While the cuts and fabrics of their gowns were not all in my top 10, I was most impressed by the bravery in embracing pastels, and the revival of classic glamour. I will definitely be trying to replicate this come spring...


looking to ease in to this newly discovered fashion risk? try to focus on the pastel family. you will succeed in pulling off the pale trend on this year's oscars red carpet, while not feeling like a washed out board as you take the streets. here are a few minor adjustments to incorporate in to a new pastel wardrobe...

1. stella mccartney 2. j brand 3. jcrew 4. alice + olivia
5. miu miu 6. jcrew 7. elizabeth and james 8. pjk patterson j kincaid

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

images courtesy of getty

Links à la Mode


Links à la Mode is a weekly roundup of the top 20 favorite blog posts by IFB members. It is with great excitement, that Chi Chi Bella's "Something for the Both of You" post was chosen by the IFB editors! A well respected website for fellow fashion bloggers like myself, IFB is a hub you must check out. Take some time to peruse the other 19 posts featured in this week's roundup...


in the name of Fashion,
Chi Chi Bella

something for the both of you


Up and coming New England designer Erin Cormier, revolutionizes the average boxer, for both men and women, through her hip loungewear company Paxton 1345. Not only do these stylish boxers feature an ultra-flattering cut and luxurious Egyptian cotton fabrics, but they come in a wide range of patterns and bright colors. Erin's adoration of comfy, practical sleeping shorts, led her to create Paxton 1345 for all of those who share her love for men's boxers, but want a cuter pair. Choosing to name the styles after popular vacation destinations and Northern hotspots, the collection features Boston, East Hampton, and Vineyard boxers, among others. With a distinct fold-over waistband for the gals, and their tailored fit, Paxton 1345's essential wearables promise "haute bottoms, luxe boxers." Be sure to look out for the release of the Spring/Summer "Collegiate Collection," featuring exciting new patterns and colors of select Southern Universities. Despite solely featuring boxers, Erin's passion and creative intellect proves that Paxton 1345's variety of merchandise will only expand in the coming seasons. Check out her website for more information, updates, and of course to order a fabulous pair for yourself (because I know I will be)...

look for a witty quote sewn into each pair

unique buttons adorn the front

contrasting waistbands add flair to each pair

p.s. major plus' include adorable packaging, and best of all, ask about monogramming...

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella

black on black on black


the best way to spend valentine's day was with my favorite fashionable crushes during the final day of ny fashion week. 12 fabulous runway shows are better than a dozen roses any day. however, despite the veil of red that usually splatters across cities on this "romantic" day, black stole the show. as we look back on several of the collections that premiered this week, it is obvious that we will see lots of black on the shelves come fall 2013. who's not to say they don't love a little black in their wardrobe? from the mélange of pattern on the j.crew runway, to the simplicity of oscar de la renta, designers worked to incorporate this monochrome color into their key pieces, adding the occasional splash of color and neutral tone. in my opinion, they were stunningly successful. while black can be perceived as boring, and often times the easy way out to an outfit, most designers added it into their collections knowing it is a realistic color to get dressed in each morning. through their pieces, they coupled black with simple risks that even the simplest of dressers can take to feel confident and fashion savvy. so, as you stare at the bright red roses sitting on the kitchen counter, think about all of the black you will be experimenting with come fall! happy valentine's day...

catherine malandrino
michael kors
ralph lauren
misha nonoo
misha nonoo
oscar de la renta

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella