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fashion is transatlantic. regardless of the physical borders, or the cultural barriers, it is a language that is shared world-wide. countries like Italy and France are known as fashion capitals. however, there are many fashion empires that fly under the radar, like Africa. although African's mode of dress may not be common ground in well established fashion empires, it is slowly climbing to gain a reputation of its own. Suno, a New York based, but Kenya made designer, is an example of breaking down the African fashion barrier. By using kanga and kitenge as the fabrics for their designs, Suno creates wearable clothing, with authentic African aesthetics…

resort 2011

spring/summer 2011

resort 2011

this past summer one of us traveled to tanzania, and experienced the cultural differences through their everyday fashions. women were beautifully decorated in kangas, wrapping their bodies and heads. however, the best discovery were the mamas of the village and their beautiful, authentic, and unique handmade bags. using recycled rice bags and kitenge, the women hand stitch each bag to perfection.  coming back with at least four, they represent a small piece of what is soon to enter into the world of fashion (or accessories) from the blooming African style of dress…

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suno & emily putman photography


  1. wow that last dress is stunning! i would totally love to add that to my summer wardrobe!

  2. oh man! i am so inspired by this...i did a post on asos africa...i just want everyone to know that socially inspired fashion can be beautiful.

    thanks a million gazillion for sharing. oh! and congrats on IFB!

  3. I lived in Africa for 2.5 years and was constantly amazed by the style and elegance of women I met and got to know. I was super envious of their bright cloth and gorgeous tailoring, so it's great to see some African-inspired fashion (or actual fashion from Africa- even better!) sinking in to the Western market.

  4. Love this post! Cangrats on making the IFB list! I made it too :)

  5. So Glad I just stumbled upon this blog...Finally What I like to see happen to the beautiful African prints...


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