Jackie O anyone?


It is not just a coincidence that some of the most iconic people in Fashion history have been classic, elegant characters. The way of a woman is meant to be graceful, beautiful, powerful, and innocent. How did modern Fashion become so grungy and revealing? We may never know...but what we do know is that true beauty rests in the delicate charm, and loveliness of elegant clothing. Does Jackie O ring a bell?

"Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eyes, and in every gesture...dignity and love" - John Milton

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella


  1. you're so right! when started coolness to be more important than elegance?


  2. Darlings, you are speaking my language! I am such a fan of timeless elegance, and even more enamored with Jackie O. She is most certainly one of my favorite style icons along with Mademoiselle Chanel.

  3. I totally LOVE these looks....Id like to have lived in another era, lol...great post!
    Stopping over from IFB..we are in the same link list this week:) Following you now!


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