Street Fashion at its finest...


It is inevitable that every girl is going to find herself swooning over the fashion and the clothing of a magazine ad or a runway show. But what some girls fail to realize is that fashion is more then what trends come off the runway...Fashion at its finest is closer then it appears. Street fashion, the true style of real people around us is what chi chi finds breathtaking and inspiring. Yes, we do get a lot of our looks and ideas from magazines and newspapers...but we get our LOVE for fashion from the influence of the people we see on the streets everyday. So whoever said..."everyday is fashion show" is pretty damn right. '

Anna Wintour

Anna Dello Russo

Christine Strinieni

Eleonora Carisi

Kelly Framel

Viviana Volpicella

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella


  1. These are lovely photos, and I am so happy you did a great post on street fashion. Many people fail to realize how important street fashion is in everyday society :)

  2. love the pics! and agree with Alyssa!

  3. thank you so much
    i m eleonora carisi


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