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Up and coming New England designer Erin Cormier, revolutionizes the average boxer, for both men and women, through her hip loungewear company Paxton 1345. Not only do these stylish boxers feature an ultra-flattering cut and luxurious Egyptian cotton fabrics, but they come in a wide range of patterns and bright colors. Erin's adoration of comfy, practical sleeping shorts, led her to create Paxton 1345 for all of those who share her love for men's boxers, but want a cuter pair. Choosing to name the styles after popular vacation destinations and Northern hotspots, the collection features Boston, East Hampton, and Vineyard boxers, among others. With a distinct fold-over waistband for the gals, and their tailored fit, Paxton 1345's essential wearables promise "haute bottoms, luxe boxers." Be sure to look out for the release of the Spring/Summer "Collegiate Collection," featuring exciting new patterns and colors of select Southern Universities. Despite solely featuring boxers, Erin's passion and creative intellect proves that Paxton 1345's variety of merchandise will only expand in the coming seasons. Check out her website for more information, updates, and of course to order a fabulous pair for yourself (because I know I will be)...

look for a witty quote sewn into each pair

unique buttons adorn the front

contrasting waistbands add flair to each pair

p.s. major plus' include adorable packaging, and best of all, ask about monogramming...

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella


  1. These are actually pretty great not usually something I would think about I am guilty of borrowing the husbands boxers but may just invest in these.

  2. I want a pair! They're so sweet!


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  3. These are so cute. Thanks for the tip!

    Kate from Clear the Way


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