my new love


today I did a little splurging as I purchased my first (and only) lustworthy spring item. while I will be working through the summer to pay off my indulgence, it is well worth it. alice + olivia's box pleat leather skirt in sky blue, now holds a very special place in my closet. it is one of those items that you just need to throw on in every moment. whether it be a jaunt down newbury street to grab a coffee, or a formal dinner out to celebrate a birthday, this is the skirt that can be dressed up or down. in order to convince myself that it was a good purchase, i have created two looks - one casual and one formal. using some pieces that I already own, and some that I wish I could add to my repertoire, I hope to inspire others that might be trying to make use of a new addition to their closet. take a look and let me know what you think. better yet, give me ideas on what you might do with my new fabulous blue skirt...

in the name of Fashion,
chi chi bella


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